COMFY Merino Wool Top Black


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100% mulesing-free merino wool feels like a hug against your skin. Beautifully finished edges make this product more of an elegant everyday pullover rather than just thermal underwear. UNISEX.

Did you know that fine merino wool is highly valued material because:

  • It’s extremely soft and doesn’t “itch” like regular wool.
  • It keeps you warm without making you sweat.
  • Regulates body temperature.
  • Wicks moisture away from the body’s surface.
  • Doesn’t retain bad odors.
  • Helps with health issues (such as rheumatism and radiculitis). Soft and fine merino wool is also recommended for eczema.

If, at first, when you put on the product, you feel a slight tingling sensation, don’t worry; this feeling goes away in about five minutes, and you’ll never remember feeling that way. We have sold thousands of pieces of this merino as scarves and body cocoons, and so far, exactly three people have said that it still feels rough for them. That’s really less than half a percent. And if it really is your win of the lottery, then returns/exchanges are on us for two weeks if you order through Smartpost or Omniva locker.

It fits comfortably and quite tightly, it is true to size, and stretches well. There aren’t many size exchanges with this product. Epp is 172 cm tall and wears S/M pants in the pictures, and the blouse is S/XS in some pictures and S/M in others.

When worn, pure merino wool relaxes a bit, and after washing, it’s like new again. The sleeves are relatively long so it is warm and comfortable.

If you’re unsure about which size to choose, then if you’re a woman, go for a smaller size; if you’re a man, go for a larger size.

But in any case, returns and exchanges are free for two weeks if you order through Smartpost or Omniva locker. Zero risk, only a chance to win. 😉

Pure merino wool 100%

  • mulesing-free
  • superfine
  • first layer
  • 220g/m2
  • 19,5 m/m2


Machine washable on the wool cycle. Maximum spin speed: 800 RPM! Use a detergent designed for wool/silk. Do not use fabric softener for merino! It’s naturally soft due to lanolin. Merino wool doesn’t need to be washed frequently; it also likes ventilating! In a perfect world, you have two pairs of the same product, and you wear one on the one day while the other product rests and breathes.

IRONING and “wool mist.” It doesn’t require ironing as such, BUT for refreshing the product, you can occasionally go over it with steam. This smooths out the fine mist that naturally forms on merino wool, which soon disappears. If there happen to be some additional pilling, it’s also normal with merino wool, and remarkably, it will diminish with time, and won’t reappear anymore. It’s such a miraculous fabric, almost like alive 🙂

You can wash it every day if you like, it won’t affect its durability. But each wash slightly disrupts the wool’s natural mechanisms. Specifically, the ability to repel body odors weakens over time, as observed by the manufacturer. But the manufacturer washes and treats their merino quite rigorously, which regular wearers may not do 🙂

Note! Black merino wool shows/picks up more hair and dirt than other colors. If you have white pets at home, you might need to use a lint roller before going to work or consider buying the gray leggings. Of course, black is sexy 😉 We recommend both black and gray because both are good. For purchases over 100€, transportation is free too.

PS! Moths love wool! To keep those pesky little tricksters from getting into your new winter favorites, wear them 24/7. Just kidding. Alternatively, place a lavender sachet in your closet or sprinkle some clove – moths don’t like those scents. There is also a moth-repellent product available in the household chemicals department. Folk wisdom also says that chestnuts keep the dreaded rodent away from finer wool in the closet – TUUB neither confirms nor refutes this 🙂