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We give our best to deliver the perfect product in perfect condition. But the world is not perfect and if unfortunately, something happens with your delivery then please let us know asap at, phone/ WhatsApp (+372) 52 45 390 or Facebook messanger @tuubofficial. If the product is misplaced/lost or there is a quality problem we will send you a new item with no extra charge.

If you consider to return the product because it did not meet your expectations you can return it within 100 days of purchase has been made, provided you haven’t damaged it in no way and it is in the original package. Return it to our post address:

TUUB Ltd, telephone +372 52 45 390
Saeveski 1, Tallinn 11214


If you want to return because the TUUB or pants did not fit you, first consider whether you are sure you ordered the right size for yourself, and if the material seems either too thin (in the case of recycled fabric) or too thick (merino), let’s talk, maybe we can find a better solution for you. TUUB’s multifunctional top-skirt-dress-scarf is such a practical garment that regardless of body shape, every woman can wear it in at least 3 different ways very successfully. For example:

  1. As a middle layer between the bottom and top garment (TUUB girls’ favorite), so that the wind doesn’t pass through the body, and the sweater doesn’t have to be directly on top of the bra, the back doesn’t get cold, and no transparent item is too transparent. It provides a beautiful finish for a too large neckline or jacket collar. Indispensable for expectant mothers.
  2. As a splash of color around the neck, as an accessory for a costume that has become boring. With a simple effort, the scarf can be transformed into elegant hood when coming from the theater in the light rain or strong wind.
  3. If you like the fabrics of TUUB and the essence of an ethical Estonian brand, you can always consider purchasing pants or a merino wool long-sleeve shirt or leggings instead. TUUB’s festive sweatpants are extremely practical, and leggings and merinos are simply unbelievably comfortable. Our merino is truly 100% merino!


We will repay your money as soon we receive the shipment with the product. We suggest to send the purchase back with the registered mail.

If you want to change size or colour then please send it back to us and we send you new one with no hussle. Only thing you have to pay the transport once more. Estonia Omniva terminal 3 €, Latvia Omniva terminal 5,90 €, most countries 7,90 €, Finland 7,90 and 9,90, Russia, USA, Norway 19,90, Russia and Canada 24,40.

Discount gift codes or e-gift cards cannot be refunded or exchanged. TUUB gift cards are sold in smallest product value or even smaller value. So there will not be small balance left on gift card. Small balance left is only possible in case of sales, TUUB will not refund that balance. So we recommend to use gift cards purchasing full price products.


For any help or ideas please contact us:
Telephone/ WhatsApp (+372) 52 45 390
Facebook messinger: tuubofficial