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Meet travel fanatic Helgi

by Bonamore

HELGI (68) Travel fanatic, a burst of energy, owner of many TUUBs

Why do you like TUUB?

I enjoy TUUB because it’s original, practical and skin-friendly. Most importantly I feel sexy in my TUUB, it brings out my curves nicely. When i walk around in town, I notice heads turn, and this pleases me! Also I love back-packing, so TUUB helps keep the load lighter.

When not to wear TUUB?

I can’t find a single reason when I couldn’t wear the TUUB…

What makes makes you happy?

Happy? Does this question have something to do with TUUB? A man who also loves TUUB makes me happy:)

How do you like to travel?

I don’t do some kind of beach-or hotel package trip. I travel because I’m curious. I prefer nature and adventurous trips, therefor I like to arrange my own trip.

My big favourite is Africa, where me and my husband have been hiking a lot. In Africa we have visited a dozen countries. Still with this wilder wildlife and animals, it calls back…

Amazonas in South-America  call me back…..the nature and people over there.

Also Italy Tuscany enchants landscapes and small towns take my breath away.