TUUB Vanilla Merino Wool


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Warm, comfy and high-perfoming fibre – this is superfine merino TUUB!

Soft & smooth surface,  moisture-wiking performance, hypoallergenic and odor resistant merino wool is a premium natural material for smart people with high expectations. Merino TUUB could easily become the key item in your minimalistic wardrobe.

  • a bit transparent
  • works as a top, body cocoon, snood scarf
  • perfect for leisure activities & adventures
  • good for layering outfits
  • good for mums to be
  • every-day essential

Merino garments are the most breathable of the common apparel types because of wool’s ability to absorb and release twice as much moisture vapour as cotton, and thirty times as much as polyester. Because merino resists odour naturally, these products are ideal for multi-day adventures.  Superfine merino wool is considered the best natural next-to-skin fibre ever. It is the softest wool around and is good to wear in all seasons. It is eco-friendly, produced by a combination of grass, sunshine, air, and water, it is renewable, as new wool grows on the sheep every year, and it is biodegradable.

Pair it with the matching leg warmers and cowl. Did you know we make them out of the fabric left overs for maximum sustainability! The left left overs we turn into scrunchies.

A client comment for our anonymous survey “Would you recommend TUUB to your friend and if, then why?” 

” I find it very comfortable and especially the one with merino I wore almost every day around my waist this cold season! I would want my friends to feel that comfort as well :)”

PS! Prepeare for the travel of your life – Santiago de Compostela capsule packing list here for your inspiration: TUUB.BLOG


Merino TUUB design hugs your body without itching so you can layer it beneath looser fitting layers. Vapour performance knit, so you can stay comfortably warm while you’re walking, hiking, gardening, playing winter sports or enjoying other leisure activities.

  • visually flattering your curves
  • good for mums to be
  • every-day essential

This trendy melange grey TUUB hugs your body without being snug because it has no elastane inside, all pure wool. That’s why it can stretch out a bit while wearing several days, but after machine wash it’s like a new again. The black edges with elastane keep the cocoon well in place.


Twiggy size (XS/S): Width 30 cm / 13 inches, Length 85 cm / 28 inches
Marilyn size (S/M): Width 35 cm / 14,7 inches, Length 85 cm / 28 inches
Rubens size (L/XL): Width 40 cm / 16,5 inches, Length 85 cm / 28 inches
Milo size (XXL): Width 45 cm / 18 inches, Length 85 cm / 28 inches

Edges are slightly pinky-vanilla like you see in the last image.

  • 4- season clothing
  • Warm, but not hot
  • Ultra-soft, doesn’t “bite” 
  • Absorbs moisture/vapor perfomance
  • Naturally odor resistant
  • High UV-resistance
  • Helps with health conditions like rheumatism and radiculitis
  • Soft and fine merino is recommended also for eczema
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Easy to care for!


Body 100%  superfine mulesing-free MERINO wool (19 microns, 240 grams, first-layer)
Edges 93% viscose 7% elastane. Slightly pink shade.