RIB Black Crop Top


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”Introducing the Rib Knit Crop Top and Leggings. As a fan of comfort, I find myself wearing leggings and sports bras on a daily basis, unless I’m sleeping. These are the clothes I currently wear whenever possible, as soon as they come out of the laundry. Even after a month of washing them quite a bit, they still look exactly like they did on the first day.

These clothes never squeeze or bother me in any position and they have a very stylish appearance. The composition is 86% recycled polyester. ♻️”

/Karoliina Koovit, Estonian influencer in Finland/

Comfortable and durable fabric.

If your bust circumference is approximately:

78-88 cm, choose size Twiggy XS/S
88-98 cm, choose size Marilyn S/M
98-108 cm, choose size Rubens L/XL
108-120 cm, choose size Milo XXL”

♻️  84% Recycled Polyester

16% Elastane

Does not cause pilling

Regular machine washes at 40 degrees Celcius. Use a detergent specifically designed for sports clothing or a regular one.