miniTUUB Audio

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Saada meil, kui laos on saadaval

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Ready for summer? This mini TUUB fits with most of your wardrobe and other TUUB products.

Double fabric. The upper edge has a rubber band inside.

Double-layered, the upper part of this product features a delicate elastic band that helps the garment maintain its shape. There are no shoulder straps, and they cannot be added unless you happen to be a skilled craftsman. If you think this kind of dress would suit you, we recommend purchasing two identical TUBEs and creating a comfortable summer dress. It can also be worn together with a black, red, or gray TUBE.

If you are unsure which size to choose, it is recommended to go for the larger one as this TUUB is quite small.

Length for all sizes: 54 cm

Twiggy: 34 cm
Marilyn: 39 cm
Rubens L: 44 cm
Rubens XL: 47 cm