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Meet multitasking Liina Randpere

by Bonamore

Liina Randpere

Trainer, TV host, young mother and wonderful woman

Why do you love TUUB?

TUUB’s comfortable and doesn’t crease, which is really important to me when it comes to clothes. For example, I’m hosting a wedding tomorrow, so I’ll be wearing TUUB as a top and a ruffled skirt underneath. I can throw both of them in a bag, pull them out and put them on at the right moment, and still look great. It’s universal! If I want to, I wear it with ripped jeans; If I want to, I host a wedding in it. Just great!

When can’t you wear TUUB?

When playing with my son. He’s always running around, crawling all over me and pulling at my clothes. It kind of leaves too much room for indecent exposure! 🙂

What makes you happy?

Simple things. Summer with friends and family. In modern society where everything’s a rush and fierce competition, a lot of people probably don’t even understand or appreciate simple things. My career and work mean a lot to me, but family and friends are and will always come first.

How do you like to travel?

I always plan my trips myself or with friends. We recently took a spontaneous trip – bought tickets just a week ahead and had as little time to find accommodation and everything else. We always organise our own ski trips, which costs us way less than booking one with a travel company. Plus I want to be independent and free. I don’t like it when someone’s always telling you when to do this and look at that. My trip, my decisions. My hire car. As for clothing, I give careful thought to the outfits I take with me. My husband, my son and I try to fit all of our stuff in one big and one small suitcase. On holiday I want to look good and feel comfortable, but fancy hats, heels and creased silk dresses can stay at home!