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Meet YAHNAdancer aka Jaana Hansman

by Bonamore

JAANA (33) Dancer, foodie, mom, big fan of TUUB 

Why do you like TUUB?

I enjoy TUUB because it’s easy to wear and style! My favourite is the black TUUB, since i can combine it with anything. Adding sneakers you get a casual look. With heals you get a more classy and elegant style. And it’s perfect for traveling! TUUB is easy to pack and wear according to the occasion and weather – dress, skirt, blouse, beachwear, casual-wear, up-scale look, quickly ready to wear.

When not to wear TUUB?

I wear my colorful TUUBs less, because I enjoy eating a lot and once that happens I get a little food-pouch, which is hard to cover up with the TUUB. Usually i don’t really care, but there are moments during the month when I am more conscious of my body and would rather avoid the “prego vibes”.

What makes you happy?

Things that make me happy are my work and lifestyle, dancing, moving, my family, my cat, my chickens, good food, sunshine, traveling, friends, my students, chocolate and adventures!

How do you like to travel?

I like traveling to places where you can combine both holidays and adventures. The beach holiday is not for me – although I prefer travel to warm places. Because I live in a very peaceful place I like to travel places where I can feel the life. Good food and beatiful nature is also a great advantage.

Watch Yahna twerking