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Back to 1940

by Bonamore

Lets talk about pencil skirt – a timeless classic. How did it come about? Where did the inspiration come from and how our TUUB ladies wear it?

In 1908 Wilbur and Orville Wright chose the wife of an associate, Mrs. Berg, to be the first female aeroplane passenger. As chains and propellers whirled and cranked close to her blowing and billowing skirts, the brothers tied a rope above Mrs. Berg’s ankles to avoid disaster.

It didn’t take long before Paris designers adopted Mrs. Berg’s rope-tied skirt. Dubbed the hobble skirt, the style spread like wildfire.

Shortly after the fighting ended, in 1918, the Suffragettes finally won the vote in the UK. American women won the right to vote in 1920. In the aftermath of war, the younger generation questioned the values of the older generation, including not just politics, but also their fashion

In 1940, Christian Dior created the first pencil skirt, a shortened adaptation inspired by the provocative shape of the 1910 hobble skirt.

The earliest pencil skirts were part of a woman’s suit ensemble, worn with a jacket or tunic. Eventually, the pencil skirt was worn with fitted blouses and soft sweaters

We all know that TUUB is a practical garment  that can be worn in multiple ways. Our girls in TUUB wore it as a skirt, it suits every woman in all ages and shapes

Twiggy, Marilyn and Rubens in a row

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