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Meet the creative spirit Stiina

by Bonamore

STIINA (23) Entertainment center technician, mother of two, lover of poetry and of the TUUB

Why do you like TUUB?

The best thing about TUUB is that its possibilities are as limitless as the creativity of the person wearing it! In addition to that, the TUUB is comfortable, enjoyable and almost hugs your body. In the summer it’s a perfect and convenient article of clothing and in the winter helps to keep cozy warm (I know this well because I get chilly quite quickly). And it’s never been easier to pack for a short trip!

When not to wear TUUB?

To be honest, I’ve yet to discover a situation when I couldn’t wear TUUB!

What makes you happy?

The things that bring me joy are some of the most simple things in life – my family, my job and poetry!