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Meet sunshine Elin Järvsaar

by Bonamore

ELIN (31) Young mother, journalist and a long time fan of TUUB

Why do you like TUUB?

I like TUUB first and foremost because it’s an Estonian product and I love what we see coming from Estonia! Secondly I like this this product because its gorgeous and so versatile. It never wrinkles!!!!!!

When not to where TUUB?

I can’t wear TUUB as a skirt or dress when its hot outside, because it gives me sweaty thighs [fat ppl prob 😛 ]. Despite that, in the same hot weather conditions it’s indispensable as a top.

What makes you happy?

Summer and the sun make me happy. What more could a heart desire?

How do you like to travel?

I like when it is warm, but I’m not a beach person. For me it is important that I can experience and see new things. I like to learn about different nations customs – not a fan of tourist areas or holiday package trips. I almost never go twice in one place, because then one new place will remain unseen every time.

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